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It is the goal of The CityTA to develop the knowledge of all level of traders, ranging from beginners to advanced traders on their path to financial success. The CityTA offers education across the globe to over 40 different countries.

Client Testimonials

Student From 2016, August 26

I just graduated from LSE with a 2:1 in Economics and am currently looking for employment. I had a small amount of money saved up from working at a bar in London while at uni and I am trading with that once or twice a week on longer term trades. City TA is showing me the ropes when it comes to trading and I feel like I have learned a lot. I am cautious with my current trades but looking to get more aggressive as I learn the markets better and get more experience. City TA has mainly shown me to take time with what I do and how to manage my time, not getting too caught up on what trades are currently in place and how to monitor the market and make predictions on which the markets are moving.

Student From 2016, August 26

I am an account manager at a local bank in Canterbury and was looking for something to help me increase my yearly earnings as I have a child on the way. City TA was the educational site I decided to go through with its easy to use system and a step by step guide to trading. I look forward very much to starting and City TA has certainly reassured me on my decision start trading.

Student From 2016, August 26

Just started with City TA and really like the layout. Easy to use. Very concise and useful information. Look forward to finishing the course and starting trading!

Student From 2016, August 26

Hi all, Helen here. Just wanted to write this review about how interesting City TA is as an educational facility for foreign exchange trading. I have had a few small FX trading accounts over the years but have not been able to make money. I feel like most of the other websites I used encouraged me into trading too soon and did not really teach me how to manage my account as well as City TA has. I am very impressed and would recommend it to anyone looking to get into it :)

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