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We believe that location should not be a barrier to learning

About CityTA

CityTA are the worldwide leaders in Financial Trading education for both the retail and institutional markets. Whether you are interested in making a secondary or even primary income from trading currencies, precious metals, single stocks or the global Indices, we can help develop your skills in becoming a top trader. From our trading floors in London, Dubai and Malaysia, we offer trader training seminars for those that are serious, committed and decisive about the financial markets and looking to make a solid income from trading. Our goal here at CityTA is simple, to help you, the trader, develop all of the necessary skills, psychology and mindset to be able to attack the Financial markets with confidence in knowing that you can start making an income from the off.

Where Traders Are Made

CityTA is built by traders, for traders. The sole intention is to teach, guide and enable novice and professional traders alike with the necessary tools, mindset and discipline, so they can not only make a handsome income from trading, but gain the necessary skills to further their opportunities within the financial markets. Our vision is to build the largest online community of quality traders in the world. Our team was built to disrupt the financial education space, gathering a group of trainers which is made up predominantly of ex bank traders, analysts and Inter dealer brokers, giving us the edge over our peers in this demanding arena. We teach you the right way to trade.

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About Our Team

We are an ethical and collaborative team striving to provide value to our clients at every point of their journey.

Headquartered in the Financial Capital of London, CityTA is able to leverage a wealth of financial expertise and knowledge to help you take your first step in the world of finance or build upon your existing expertise.

  • COMMITTED - to the development of its students.
  • PROFESSIONAL TRAINING - Programmes suitable for all levels of knowledge.
  • INTERACTIVE LEARNING - Learn at a pace that suits you with CityTA
  • CERTIFICATES - Receive a CPD recognised certification.
  • SECURITY - CityTA utilises the latest in software security.

How can CPD accreditation help you?

The Continued Professional Development (CPD) Certification is a unique qualification that allows and enables professionals from all walks of life to gain the necessary edge in their specific sector. Here at CityTA, gaining a CPD accreditation enables you as a trader to fast track your finance and trading career. Whether you want to trade for yourself, your clients or even work for an Investment company, gaining the edge over your peers is imperative in today´s competitive environment, and gaining a CPD accreditation will potentially give you the opportunity to be able to work in the financial industry as a career.

We help our traders to:


Establish and build a fool proof trading plan, suiting your own individual style and timeframe so you can gain the edge above your peers.


Minimise your trading risks through sensible trading whilst always looking for a reward to risk ratio of 2:1 or even 3:1.

Trade Set Up

Identify new trading opportunities using our well tested strategies and place trades of the highest quality to suit your own timeframes.


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