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Crypto-Pro: Novice to Professional Programme

Created by City Training Academy

Accredited Financial Trading Courses From CityTA

  • 16hrs
  • Beginner


Cryptocurrency has ushered in a new era of financial technology, innovation, and opportunities. Be a part of this transformation and find out about the mechanics behind the most popular cryptocurrencies. We will cover topics on market demand, crypto-exchanges, ICOs, and crypto-technical analysis methods. Students can also look forward to creating their own trading strategies at the end of the lesson.

Module 1:

        1)Cryptocurrencies: Introduction




        5)Cryptocurrency Exchanges

        6)Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Module 2:

        1)Trading Cryptocurrency CFDs

        2)Charts: Line, Bar & Candlestick

        3)Technical Analysis

Module 3:

        1)Order Types

Module 4:

        1)Risk Management

        2)Traders Mindset

Module 5:

        1)Trading Strategy using Candlestick Patterns

        2)Trading Strategy using Moving Averages

        3)Trading Strategy using Fibonacci Indicator

        4)Trading Strategy using Bollinger Bands


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Beginner Trading Stocks vs. Currencies USD 0.00
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Beginner Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) USD 0.00
Beginner Crypto-Pro: Novice to Professional Programme USD 495.00
Beginner Global Pro Trader: Professional Approach to Trading and Investing (Arabic) USD 495.00
Beginner Short Selling USD 0.00

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